Stone Carpets

Stone Carpets: for anyone who wants a dust-free environment and a warm floor at the same time.

Beautiful & Durable, the stone carpets and polished concrete flooring you’ve seen in galleries, museums and chic restaurants, are now available to you. Whether you are building, decorating or renovating, these unique flooring and wall systems that previously architects had to design and install from new, can be installed in your home. For use on floors and walls in the home and in the garden. Living areas, bathrooms, kitchens, wet rooms, garden rooms and patios.

A Stone Carpet Home Flooring is perfect for every room in the home. Even if you live in an apartment: a Natural Stone Carpet has high structure-borne noise absorption properties. Your neighbours below will be just as pleased with your new floor!

The diverse colour range matches your expectations for warm colourful floors. A floor designed like this makes your interior unique, because nowhere in the world will you see the exact same floor.

Commercial Clients – Commercial Flooring
What appears under your feet is at least as important as the entire interior décor, because the quality of the floor covering in your company or living room influences experience of the interior as a whole. Stains and worn patches adversely affect the impressions your company makes and are taken into account in assessments of your company, consciously or unconsciously.

  • It is durable and slip-resistant
  • Insulating (to some extent)
  • Noise reducing
  • Warm
  • Complies with the dimensions of your building and makes an exceptional impression.

Stone Carpets Commercial Flooring from Reception to Management: Due to many variations and manageable properties, Stone Carpets flooring are for every room. From the reception to the office showroom, and right up to the management boardroom. Natural Stone carpets coated, cast and trowelled floors are the ideal covering. Custom made floor covering has seldom been so effective.
Custom Made Flooring: There are practically no limitations to the amount of colours available.

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