Valve technology from Germany; SCHELL

SCHELL is a world-wide leader in building installation fittings.For more than 75 years now they have been continuously investing in innovative products and services and are considered technological leaders in their industry in those sectors dealing with regulating angle valves, electronic and mechanical draw off fittings and flushing system fittings.

Decades of experience and the adherence to the highest quality standards make SCHELL a synonym for valve competency in public sanitary rooms.

Functionality and exceptional design; in keeping with national and international standards and requirements. Modern valve technology developed by the leading company;  SCHELL.

With over 70 years experience in the engineering and manufacturing of sanitary fittings for domestic, commercial and public/semi-public buildings, Schell enjoys an excellent partnership with the sanitary trade and plumbers around the world. Innovation forms the core of Schell’s design policy.

When there are a large number of users, performance and ongoing reliability remain paramount. With a variety of electronic and push-button flushvalve products to select from, Schell can provide washroom solutions for a host of different applications.

Schell products will meet the highest objectives in terms of performance, serviceability, installation and aesthetic requirements. Schell flush valves are ideally suited for most high-use commercial applications with thought for the environmental impact taken into account.

Flushing Systems and Valves; The reliable partner of sanitary installers can draw upon more than 70 years in the design and manufacture of practical sanitary heating fittings.

Schell fittings are made of High-Grade basic materials and fully automated manufacturing process.  Schell fittings have many national and international approvals, they can be used universally, continuously checked safety is further reasons for the fact that numerous customers decide for Schell time and time again.

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