One of the pioneer in manufacturing ceramic tiles, (floor and wall) porcelain and graniti tiles in extensive range. Rooms are made unique by Novabell ceramic coverings, with striking colour effects achieved by combining tiles and decorations, kitchen floor and wall coverings, exclusive surfaces for living areas, stylish, trendy solutions for bathrooms – and countless other solutions, left to your imagination.

Novabell is a leading Italian tile company known for their wide range of innovative tile solutions.

Tile Solutions is proud to supply Novabell’s new range of tiles; the Earth, Silex and Trevi series.

Novabell’s Earth series consists of full-body coloured porcelain in natural and honed versions, both rectified. The grey, sand, beige and dark grey colours give these tiles a contemporary connotation which is still welcoming and comfortable.

Novabell’s Silex series consist of full-body coloured porcelain tiles that have been inspired from the natural minerals which nature transforms over the millennia.

The undeniably contemporary mood mixes and merges metal and earth. Its silver, bronze and haematite colours make this series ideal for modern design schemes in both public and private contexts, with vibrant, highly personal atmospheres in a new, innovative style.

THD is the most recent products from the Research & Development department of NovaBell and part of the “NovaBell ecosystem” range. The THD porcelain stoneware flooring perfectly imitates the infinite variety of appearances of natural stone  The 3D surface, the multitude of chromatic shades and the light and shadow spots confer depth to these indoor and outdoor tiles.

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